Submitted by and date: Sarah Banks February 2017

Alhambra Dreams

Alhambra Dreams

by R.W. Schindler
Inspired by Alhambra Dreams
by Sarah Elizabeth Banks

Swaddled in unspoken words
Moorish squatter poses –
azure sea of time
still life, golden walls

scissored surreal
arms breasts ebony hair
lavender blue green
stark Muladi stare.

Inscriptions of lovers
restore Palacio scene
geometric letters by
poetic queen
views beyond
the door Alhambra Dreams.

This year´s Bank of the Arts National Juried Exhibition, New Bern, North Carolina offered Alan Shapiro, 2015 Pulitzer Finalis ,as the Judge for the Poetry competition/Ekphrasis 2016 to complement the visual art selection made by Dr Larry Wheeler, Director of the North Carolina Museum of Art. My collage Thetis inspired two poems. Dear Thetis by Teya Priest Johnston was awarded First Place.

And in 2015 R.W. Schindler was inspired by my collage Alhambra Dreams at the Bank of the Arts National Juried Exhibition. .