Forced from Home - Painting

The Blue Window - Oil on canvas  46" X 78" 2015

She said  - 46" X 78" oil on canvas (2016)

The Seamstress - 46" X 78" oil on canvas (2016)

The Beach  - 46" X 78" oil on canvas (2015)

Angry Gods - 40" X 30" oil on canvas (2017)

Collapse - 48" X 60" oil on canvas (2017)

No Choice - 40" X 30" oil on canvas (2017)

Forced From Home:

These seven paintings frame my telling of the story of the recent North Africa and Near/Middle East Wars. Blue Window reflects on the safety of some and the peril for others in Assad’s capital. She Said pays homage to the bravery of women during the Libyan Civil Wars. The Seamstress tries to repair the seemingly irreparable. The Beach reflects on the world’s deadliest migration route. While the triptych Collapse suggests ‘to the victor the spoils’, an angry god and powerful women suggest otherwise.

December 2017 Solo Show at Equinox Studios in Georgetown Seattle, WA.

Forced From Home: paintings, prints, mixed media sales benefiting Doctors Without Borders.